How We Were Called To Chennai, India

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Knowing that we were called to the mission field and that we had a desire to travel and minister as a family, we werenít clear how, when and where it would start. Joy has an incredible heritage in her spiritual dna to minister to the Asian people that started with her healing in her mothers womb and being filled with the Holy Spirit in an Asian/English church. Over the last nineteen years the Lord has been preparing us to take our four children to the mission field to serve Him as a family unit working together. While in Kansas City over the past 5 years we saw God open many doors for us to broaden our comfort zone and work in situations that taught us how to trust and wait on the Lord. We have had the privilege to serve at numerous signs and wonders camps teaching and training children how to enjoy a relationship with the Lord. We learned how to teach children that a relationship with the Lord can be enjoyable and that a friendship with God means fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. We have seen our kids grow spiritually since moving here to Kansas City.

†Since January of 2007 we felt that we were preparing for a transition. While different opportunities opened up for us to move and work as a family in different parts of the country we didnít get a peace in our heart that we were to move yet. During this past summer we were only doing a few camps and spent a lot of time looking into the heart of the Lord for our family and He started showing us His heart for families in the last days. Malachi 4:6 became a key scripture for us to meditate on during this season.†† David finished an eagle drawing that shares what the Lord has been showing us about families and how parents are to train and equip their children.

† Joy has had a heart for children and a call to the mission field from childhood, she would pray that the Lord would send her to children of the world who do not know the love of the Father. David traveled with a missionary team when he was younger and knew that he would return to the mission field. We have seen God preparing us over the past 19 years, and since moving to Kansas City we have seen more of a direction and deeper understanding of the calling He has for our family.

† Last March we were asked to consider going to India to teach children worship, dance and the art at an orphanage in Chennai, India. Anton Cruz heads up an orphanage where he has taken in the children from the Tsunami and the local area teaching them to pray. We received an invitation that we thought was in a year and found out later that it meant for a year. As we started praying whether or

Royal Kids

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Anton Cruz and Family

Text Box:  We have been asked to oversee 500 children in the new Tabernacle Of David center. To train and teach these children the heart of worship through singing, dancing, playing of instruments, and the art. God is raising up prayer warriors through worship to usher in the second coming of the Lord.  Our heart is that these children as well as many others in the nations will feel the Fathers love and His heart for them. This will be a prayer room that will allow children a place they can come and worship. These are children who already get up at 5am each morning and pray until 6am, at which time will walk around nearby neighborhoods interceding for their community. There prayer is simple.
"Jesus, I claim this area for You.
Jesus, I claim this family for You.
Jesus, I claim the children in this home for You. Bless them."
This has been going on for 15 years in front of every home in the neighborhood.
In the beginning, during prayer walks, the children were beaten with sticks, chased by dogs, and even had hot water thrown on them, but none of the children were ever hurt. The people didn't want the children praying in front of their houses. The children would say to them, "Jesus loves the people very much". Then, after a long time, they began to ask the children to pray for their families. They began to see their families being blessed. One time, when Anton went out extra early, he noticed a man sitting on his motorcycle outside his home. Anton asked him if the

motorcycle was broken or if he needed help. He said, "No, I canít go to work until the children come. I canít start my day until the children bless me. Ever since they started praying, my business is better than I ever dreamed. Iím been blessed so much."

†The mission aims to take 10,000 children into its fold in the near future. At present it caters to the needs of 8200 children who are called ROYAL KIDS.

"The children themselves will reach the nations, preach the good news, plant churches, heal the sick, and prophecy to the nations." Rev. Anton Cruz.

†The orphanage first established a home for destitute children in 1992. The home started with 7 children in a house in the prime beach property in Chennai, India. Since then, there was no looking back. Most of the parents of the 8200 are lepers, gypsies, beggars, prostitutes and slummier. The vision of Royalkids ministry is to raise these children as intercessors. They are trained to pray for the Nations. They are called the Royal Kids Intercessor Praying children.

†Our desire is see the children develop a closer friendship with the Lord using their God-given talents to release intercession.


Donations For The Maas Family Through Paypal

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not this was on the Lordís heart for us to go to India we started to see things fall into place and verses of scripture that He was using to confirm His will for us.

† We had an opportunity to meet up with Anton Cruz who is the gentleman over the orphanage while he was in Austin Texas. We were able to hear his heart for what he was doing and why he needed us for the longer duration. In our meeting he asked if we would be able to be over there by the end of November. We have started the process of getting our paperwork together for visas, passports, airline tickets, and other arrangements necessary for us to be ready in November. We are excited to see what God has in store for us as a family and begin our journey on the mission field.